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Who I am

I create scenography for,
exhibition & theater,
or various events, and also visual identity.


Creative designer with artistic & technical skills


Exhibition scenography

Thanks to my exhibition design master degree, and various professionnal experiences in art galery and art fair, I can collaborate with you for an exhibition project


Graphic Design

Thanks to my graphic design bachelor degree, I am comfortable creating visual identity with logo and all support your need, also illustrations and poster for various event


Theater scenography

Thanks to my art scenes lessons and my working-progress with a stage designer Arié Van Egmond I’m able to create a theater decor, help during the building, and add my light and video skills


Technical coordinator & Content Creation

For exhibition or event I am familiar with technical coordination for art installations.


Good mood and good work

A full-stack structure for our working workflow processes, were from the funny the century initial all the made, have spare to negatives.

Les petites madames

exposed prints

I’ve printed in linocut several illustrations for my personnal exhibitions

petites madames

It’s a work of historical research

T-shirts customised

I embroidered unique t-shirts with a petite madame

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Let’s Collaborate

Ready to work with me ?

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